Looking for Design Inspiration in Nature

How do you create innovative creative design? Where do designers get inspiration from.  The true it that true design inspiration comes from everything around us.  In this video architect Barry Burkus take a screwed up piece of paper and talks us through how the shape can inspire you to design a building.

In landscape design, nature is our inspiration. Probably the most famous example of this is Thomas Church’s design for the swimming pool in the Donnell Garden (a quintessential example of  Thomas Church and mid century modern design) in Sonoma County

donnell pool by thomas church, Thomas Church, Donnell Garden, Sonoma County, Landscape Design, Design Inspiration, Creative design

It was said that Church used the curve of the river in the valley below (centre top of the image) and copied it to form the shape of the pool.

For further reading on this subject I would recommend From Concept to Form in Landscape Design