CDM2014 Update

The latest word is that CDM2014 is more likely to be CDM2015 as it is unlikely that any change to legislation will come into force until April 2015 at the earliest. With an election in May 2015 it is possible that it may be an October 2015 enactment.

piPlanningSupervisorsWe understand that the HSE are still planning to hold a 3 month industry consultation period.

In brief we believe that the HSE may be proposing:

  • Removal of the independent CDM Co-ordinator role and placing Design Phase health and safety co-ordination with a 'Principal Designer' (working title).
  • Removal of the Appendix 4 Competence Assessment criteria.
  • Placing construction phase co-ordination duties with the Principal Contractor.
  • Full application of CDM Regulations to all projects with more than one contractor on site (including domestic projects).
  • Placing client duties for domestic projects with the first appointee (architect or contractor).

Read the HSE's Board Paper "Regulation in the Construction Industry" to find our more about their plans.

We are now anticipating publication of their proposals in January 2014 with the consultation to follow during February March and April.


2014 Construction Design & Management Regulation

Revised CDM Regulations and guidance will come into force in October 2014:


CDM does not just apply to large building projects, and the proposals will seek to underline that the Regulations also cover smaller projects, including most domestic work, building maintenance and landscaping projects.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) aims to deliver core guidance on how to manage health and safety on-site, and provide a "clear interpretation" of the revised Regulations. This will be supported by a practical guide to managing health and safety on small construction projects, and a number of sector-specific guides for "typical small construction projects. (Possibly including the landscape industry)

There will be much more emphasis on the need for those involved in construction-related activity to follow the general requirements of CDM, and less emphasis on the additional requirements that apply to 'notifiable' (e.g. larger building site) projects.

Key references to safety pre-qualification requirements are set to disappear, which is expected to leave the door ajar for pre-qualification guide PAS 91 and prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) umbrella scheme SSIP, allowing them to assume a bigger role in the industry.

The HSE has been careful not to release other specific details in advance of the consultation, but in addition to the expected removal of the current 'CDM coordinator' role, a new role is set to appear – the 'principal designer'.