6 Must See Garden Festivals for your 2012 Diary


Chaumont-sur-Loire - Garden Festival (April 22 to 16th October) This French show is probably one of the most exciting and query of all the festivals

Chelsea Flower Show (May 22-26) Relatively small but oh-so-smart, has now spawned its own Chelsea Fringe

Singapore Garden Festival (July 7-15) A biennial blockbuster majoring on spectacular orchids and top international designers.

Floriade (April 5-October 7) Held every 10 years in Venlo, Holland. An improving mix of environmental message and traditional commercial horticulture.

Philadelphia International Flower Show (March 4-11) Next year’s theme is Hawaii, the scale is vast and outstanding horticulturists flock here from all over the United States

Landesgartenschau Nagold (April 27-October 7) The Germans take gardening very seriously and this event is a must-see for anyone interested in new ideas about environmental design